In the aisles


We specialize as a Mediterranean Market, so we have many of the classic flavors of Italy, Spain, Greece, and Lebanon. In addition to the wonders of zahtar, tahini, olives, cheese, grains, and olive oils, we also carry a variety of other global foods like hot sauces, ramen bases, and locally roasted coffee. Whether you’re looking for a difficult to find staple, or exploring new cuisines, we’re excited to provide a wide variety of high-quality, traditional ingredients.


Spices & Herbs

We have been known for years as THE place in Worcester to get spices. From Allspice to Zahtar- we have you covered. The best part? Our spices are sold bulk, so you can purchase a pinch, or a pound. Unlike the jarred spices you will find sitting on a shelf somewhere else, ours are always fresh. Click here to download our spice list.

Olive Oils

Oils & Vinegars

Here at Hyder’s, we believe that a meal is only as good as it’s ingredients. This is why we stock olive oils and vinegars that we can stand behind. Our oils come from far and wide. France, Tunisia, Portugal, Lebanon, and Greece are just a few of the places from which we source.

It can be hard to buy Olive Oil with confidence, which is why we only stock oils that are 100% extra virgin olive oil from small producers around the world. We also sell a variety of vinegars and other oils.


Behind the Deli Counter

Stop by our deli counter and you will be greeted by friendly faces, ready to scoop your olives, cut you a block of feta, or package up some of our famous marinated meats. This is also where you can grab our tasty salads to go, and hot soup during the chilly months.

Hyder's Famous Hummus

Homemade Specialties

Those who have been here, know that we are so much more than a grocery store. We take pride in our homemade items. Our hardworking kitchen crew is constantly chopping, marinating, and mixing so that we can bring flavor to you and your family every day. We specialize in dips (like our famous hoomus [Hummus] and baba ghanouj), salads, soups, marinated meats, and grab and go meals.



We focus on curating a selection of imported and local cheeses with an emphasis on small producers. Our cheese buyer works hard to keep a rotating stock of interesting wheels from soft to hard..New England to England. Stinky to smooth. And everything in between.


Grains & Dry Goods

Anything you need to make a side dish or soup from scratch, we have. Flours, grains, beans, and legumes are plentiful here. Sushi rice, French green lentils, and dried kidney beans are among the collection we offer. Like to bake? In our flour section we carry everything from rye meal, to 00 Flour.